What makes the difference in a trip?

         28 Aug 2019 07:59
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I am like a monkey, curious by nature! Especially when I travel… I want to know everything about the place I am going to visit, history, culture, nature, people, traditions, what to do and so on. In the years, travelling around the world, I found a common denominator: people. Maybe we don’t care much about them because we are immersed in our tour, trying to learn as many information as possible. Yet you know who are the guardians of this territory? The people, the inhabitants. They are the ones who keep the secrets of their land to reveal the soul of the territory. They make the difference. 


During my trip to Carnia I discovered that here there are some local volunteers that like to show to the tourists the places they love. They are called Carnia Greeters and they are part of a global network of people that wants to show a destination only because they love their land. Hidden corners and legends, wild herbs and animal sounds, local culture and way of saying. They always go in places out of the ones that everyone know and calling them walks is wrong. They are experience!


In Arta Terme I met Daniela and Cristina, two Greeters. They always go together to the excursions, they call them Cip&Ciop and at the end of the day I can confirm that they complete one another. Before departing for a little walk around the meadows on the top of the village, with a coffee and a piece of cake made by them, they told me that every year they propose excursions with different themes and this year the protagonist is the water. Life, origin, link. You can’t hold it but you can admire it. From Piano d’Arta we go forward the river Randice, to hear if it has to say something to us.

Every season and every place have its magic, of colors, sounds, scents and history. We enter in the wood of Tistigneit that in autumn dresses in orange and auburn and the leaves on the ground make music with the “Sbilfs” ( the pixies of this area ). We arrive in the meadows of Lauge, where the view opens on the sky and on the valley of But, and the alps of Carnia are the setting. I breath the clean air and I have the sensation that my souls is going over the clouds. What a beauty! Then the path goes to the river Randice: fresh water that give us the fossils of the Mountain Cucco, history of the sea where we were born. Do not take them, we could find a mischievous Sbilfo! The water is fast and impetuous. It takes away all the bad thoughts and it link us to the origin, where everything has its starts, here you feel pure. This is a treasure for me, I keep it in a tissue and I put it in my pocket. Cristina and Daniela are joyous and they love to bring out the child they have inside. So they convinced me to build a “totem” for the travelers with some little stones, a sign of our presence. This is the first step of the path for the magic and century-old wood of the Lander. But we go down towards the Alzeri: a dive into the history of the medieval knights, pilgrims and merchants who spoke many languages. In addition to the church there are some archeological sites that testify their passage. 

We are almost at the end of this journey and we are speaking as we were old friends. It isn’t rare that Cristina and Daniela keep in touch with their guests; one of the most important values of the greeters is the interchange: sharing the cultures, knowledge and passions. So I found myself answering al lot of questions about uses and costumes, way of saying and legends. Finally I found people curious like me!

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