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         17 Dec 2019 02:18
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Silent Alps, in collaboration with Promoturismo FVG, porposes you some activities for winter season, from the end of december 2019 till the 15th of march 2020.
The program explores ancient and popular traditions, food and wine excellences, their secrets of preparing and last, but not least, wonderful adventures into nature, though the snow and the forest.

Our mission is to transmit local values, allowing you to feel the pleasure of slow life and of the quality of time while you're staying in our lovely Carnia.
A place where reinterpret the meaning of wellbeing, that for sure has physical connotation but also in mind and soul.
A place where you can find peace, fill you of silence and beauty that nature gives us every day.
A place where you can recharge your batteries and preserve energy for a long time inside to you.

The first keywords is looking around: looking into inhabitants life's to discover carnic customs and traditions, taking time to talk with them, and paying attention to their expression full of stories. This relationship can enrich your soul.

The second keywords is respect: respect for the natuere that surrounds you, still so wid anda unpolluted, power source for this complex ecosystem made by men, plants and animals. And then respect for you, for the time that you decided to give you and for the slow rythm that enrich it.

The third keywords is take it easy: Italo Calvino used to say “Take it easy your life, because lightness is not frivolity, but is plane slowly from up to down, without stones into the heart”. So we wish you to enjoy your holidays with smile in the face and lightness into the hearth. 

We prepare for you: 

  • Night snowshoeing on Mount Zoncolan with aperitif in a Mountain retreat - immerse yourself in white landscapes, an excursion at nightfall to enjoy the regenerating effect of nature and the silence of the mountains.
  • Walk with lanterns - Experience the magic of the night in a small mountain village, warmed by the light of the lanterns and the stories of the locals, their fairy tales, myths and legends.
  • Wandering knights and Wise men – 4 churches Excursion with naturalistic guide - The Magi and Knights lead us to the discovery of frescoes and archaeological remains hidden in the small village of Arta Terme. A walk back in history on paths traveled by famous people.
  • Forest Bathing – with naturalistic guide - A real immersion in nature to enjoy the beneficial properties of plants and trees, increase the defenses of the immune system, decrease stress and ease worries. Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth of the forest for a regenerating morning.
  • Views between history and traditions with naturalistic guide - From Cercivento to Paluzza and back in a walk rich in history and traditions to plunge into the past and capture the local culture in all its facets.
  • Enertour - An eco-sustainability path to discover the virtuous examples of the area on the subject of low energy consumption and the use of renewable sources.
  • Aufguss evenings at the spa - A ritual to take you to discover the sauna. Directed by the Auffmeister, a sauna master who mixes essential oils and infusions, generating an intense multi-sensory experience.
  • Visit to the dairy and cheese tasting - Discover, learn and taste the ancient dairy art, the backbone of all the Carnic cuisine.
  • Visit to the distillery and grappa tasting - Territory, tradition and innovation enclosed in a bottle. A visit among distillation vapors, old stills and gears to set in motion all 5 senses.

You can find more informations in the page WHAT TO DO and in the facebook page events of Silent Alps.

Welcome to Arta Terme, Welcome to Carnia.

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