A dinner to discover yourselves

         28 Aug 2019 02:41
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How many times you are spending a night with your partner and you don’t see him/her?

In a relationship you celebrate at the restaurant. It’s a ritual! Almost an habit. In some cases you do it also when you argue, thinking that this could change things between you two. And then what happens? You argue again.

At the beginning it was all sparkles and golds…or almost.

At the beginning of the relationship it seemed that you agreed on everything, and if you disagreed you accepted it. It is true, there were things that you didn’t agree on (having kids, having a job that included being away from home almost a week), but you thought that things would change somehow. 

The discrepancies on the future

Living the present is necessary to create a coherent future. It is in the present, looking at the future that is useful to work on the couple discrepancies. But at the beginning of the relationship it is hard to do it, you don’t want to ruin your honey moon. It is also possible that at the beginning everything is okay, that the expectative is similar, but unexpected events could change the course, from today to tomorrow. Not always the reactions are univocal.

An important question

How important is it for you to have the person you love in your future? How important is it for you to share a joint life project, or build together a new life project given the new conditions? The answer at this question will make continue to read the article. If the answer is “a bit”. You can stop here and decide to break the bond that you have today.

If the answer is yes

If the answer is yes, act! To answer in a constructive way the situation we spoke before is necessary to clear that putting at the center the relationship is the most important thing to do. Accepting the change or the expectative of the upper, considering it and deciding together how to go forward. Put away all the things that are not crucial for the couple and come back to the relationship with mind, body and soul. Don’t mind what your mother says( she loves you, but she doesn’t live with you ); don’t accept suggestions from the ones that already experienced it; don’t listen to the ones that say to you “it will pass”. 
And so the dinner is still an option. 

A dinner to restart

 The dinner can be the first step, a different dinner, where you both are ready to make the other experience a great moment. A dinner made of flavors, the scents of the dishes cooked with genuine products, but also of glances and words between you two. A dinner that helps you to break the resistance, to unite the hearts and to plan the future together.

And what if the dinner was one of the many things you can do together?

The dinner can be the turning point, the best thing to do is to have it inside a place/time only for you! In SilentAlps this can happen. You can create a trip - even just a weekend - where all the activities are made to help you to put back the relationship at the center. It is the moment to use your capacities of hearing and comprehension to start a constructive dialogue, where the expectative of both are satisfied, like a puzzle.

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