Let yourself go. Relax.

         28 Aug 2019 02:55
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How important is for you to release stress from your routine?

Too much stress

Every day your life is full of thousand activities: work, the running of your house, your children who need care. Furthermore every day someone says to you: “ Why are you doings this?”, “ It is better this way”, “you can’t put it all aside” etc. All of this “Background noise” becomes personal stress and takes away your energy. And your partner? He/she lives exactly the same dynamic. What are the consequences of all of this for the relationship? Very low energy. Each of the two is so full of tension and stress that lives the couple as a place to let it all out. You would like to scream, speak and be listened without any judgments. And when on the other side there is no attention you feel even more frustrated. Basically an explosive mix. And this is the moment when you say something that you didn’t want to say.

The value of individuality

When the external circumstances burden on the couple, the relationship has to be really strong to resist. The strong couple is formed by two strong individualities. Each of them has their values, their rules, their passions and put all of this inside the relationship. This becomes a multiplier of personal energies. Often we hear that a relationship is made of two halves, but actually is made of two integer. Be a couple means sharing a life project made of routine; this means projecting and realizing together, starting from respecting the two single individualities.

Take your space

Take care of your individuality, and make the other do the same. In this way the stress will have less impact because any of the two have space for regrets. Having dinner with friends, taking time to take care of your body and mind, cultivate a passion: a place, time where growing a joint project that contains your individuality. 
When you are strong, the external problems become small, so small that they disappear before you even realize. 
When you are strong, your strength becomes useful to welcome the other person.
When you are strong, you are able to “ask” without feeling ashamed.

How to learn how to give value to you relationship

And now you can give value to your relationship. Dedicate some time to you and the person you love, to learn to let every external situation go, because they take away your energy.

A everyday action becomes special

Have you ever done a scrub with essential oils and herbs of Carnia? And after the scrub a mood shower? Have you ever dedicated time to do a scrub to the person you love and let you do a scrub by you partner? The touch of your hands on his skin allows you to cath his tensions and his relaxation; the scent of the scrub bring you immediately in another dimension. His hands on your skin will have a comforting effect on you. And then the shower will wash all the accumulated toxins and will leave a sensation of lightness and harmony. Let yourself go. Relax. All in a place built by the professional of SilnetAlps, in a weekend where Harmony is a couple game

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