The Magic of "La Lunga Notte delle Pievi"

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         17 Aug 2023 00:25
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Magic during 'The Long Night of the Parishes

Choral and instrumental ensembles from Argentina, Slovenia and Italy for five concerts with tasting of typical local dishes

From 25 to 27 August, Carnia is transformed into a stage of emotions, a place where choral music meets the spirituality of the parish churches. Each concert becomes a moment of reconciliation in the spirit, a journey that leads inside ancient Carnic churches, full of history and charm. After each performance, the pleasure of sharing does not stop: tastings of typical local dishes offer the opportunity to explore the most authentic flavours of Carnia

Friday 25 August
Parish church of Santa Maria Annunziata di Castoia di Socchieve, 20.00

"The Fantastic Violin" is the title of the first concert, where violinist Magherita Pupulin and lutenist Eduardo Egüez will perform a programme combining the power of the violin and the voice. A unique sound experience that awakens deep feelings, accompanied by the participation of the choristers-in-residence. After the concert, refreshments with tastings by the Caseificio Val Tagliamento will make the evening even more special.

Saturday 26 August

Parish Church of Cesclans di Cavazzo Carnico, 17.00
Cathedral of San Martino di Tolmezzo, 20.00

Saturday, 26 August offers an extraordinary double concert. At 5 p.m. in the Pieve di Cesclans di Cavazzo Carnico, the Multifariam female choir from Ruda, directed by Michele Gallas, with piano accompaniment by Alessio Domini, will present a varied musical programme, from Schubert to Fauré, with tributes to Friulian authors. This will be followed by tastings offered by the La Polse Restaurant.
At 8 p.m., in the Cathedral of San Martino di Tolmezzo, the Argentine ensemble La Chimera will join the Coro del Friuli Venezia Giulia for the performance of the "Vespro andino", a cycle of suggestions inspired by the sacredness of the longest mountain range in the world.

Sunday, 27 August

Parish church of Santa Maria di Gorto in Cella di Ovaro, 17.00
Parish church of San Floriano in Illegio, 20.00

Sunday, 27 August is the last day of the choral triduum. At 5 p.m., in the Parish Church of St. Mary of Gorto in Cella di Ovaro, the Ljubljanski Madrigalisti Mixed Choir from Ljubljana, directed by Klara Maljuga, will present a programme of past and living Slovenian composers, enriched by pearls of the historical 20th century. At the end of the concert, a tasting will be offered by the Azienda Agricola La Sisile.
At the Parish Church of San Floriano, the programme culminates with the Anutis Women's Quartet, which will rearrange ancient traditional Italian polyvocal songs, providing a unique and enthralling experience.
To reach the Pieve di San Floriano, departure at 6.30 p.m. from the village of Illegio, accompanied by expert guides, with the support of torches for the return journey. This makes La Lunga Notte delle Pievi an unmissable occasion for lovers of choral music, slow tourism and spiritual walks.

Information and Reservations
All information on the events is available on the website and on the social pages of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Choir.
For further information and bookings, please contact or send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 392 5390090.

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