A gift from Arta Terme

Arta Terme

         11 Dec 2023 20:21
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Arta Terme brings Christmas to the squares of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Two red spruces gifted to Trieste and Lignano Sabbiadoro

December 8th is traditionally recognized as the official day to complete preparations for Christmas, and the squares of our region celebrated the custom by decorating trees and illuminating with lights.

Focusing on two squares in particular, we find two lush red spruces that have traveled from the woods of Arta Terme to the seaside, precisely to Trieste and Lignano Sabbiadoro.

In Trieste, the spruce from our woods has been placed in Piazza della Borsa, continuing a tradition that has been renewed for several years. This gift is also a symbol of unity and collaboration among the municipalities of the region, which each year honor the regional capital with their plants.

In Lignano Sabbiadoro the red spruce from Arta Terme is a novelty this year: it stands in Piazza San Giovanni Bosco, next to the Church. The tree shines in the center of the seaside town, frequented especially during the summer but which, thanks to its rich program, attracts many people also during the Christmas season.

This gift, as emphasized by the mayor of Arta Terme, Andrea Faccin, aims to be a symbol of collaboration among the municipalities of the region and, why not, an invitation to discover the beauties and opportunities offered by Carnic land.

Happy Christmas from Arta Terme!

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