Il Tempo del Ben Essere - The Time of Well

Arta Terme

         07 Feb 2024 17:57
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l Tempo del Ben Essere - The Time of Well

A weekend of wellness and transformation, surrounded by the nature of our mountains that teaches how to respect time and live it with awareness.

What you will read in the next few lines is an exciting story of a special weekend in the Carnic mountains, a weekend that took five women on a quest for the Time of Well-Being.

Time. Rediscovering the possibility of devoting proper time to things. In a world where everything is rushing, let us try to live mindfully in the moment, bringing our minds back to the present time, to the experience we are having.

Wellness. Recognizing the nuances of unusual well-being. In a world where wellness is associated with the word "without" - fat free, sugar free - let's try instead to give it a meaning of value, where being well is not lack but presence of everything we need: Nature, the Earth and its fruits, as in authentic Carnic cuisine.
And one more key word: Transformation. Rediscovering a new light and carrying it with you forever. In a world that would have us always the same, let us try to make emotions leave their mark on body and spirit.

Follow the story of the journey by identifying with the words of the five extraordinary women who experienced the experience.


Our journey began with an authentic sensory experience: a warm welcome drink at B&B Profum di Bosc, in the heart of the village of Piano d'Arta. Here we experienced for the first time the feeling of privilege: being able to taste ingredients hand-picked in the woods, carefully grown in the garden behind the house, processed and packaged one by one. Roberto and Iris guided us through a world of flavors and scents, telling us about mountain herbs, honey, cheeses...about their families, Carnic customs.

For dinner we went to Verzegnis, to the Antica Osteria Stella d'Oro, to immerse ourselves in tradition in front of the characteristic fogolâr and taste typical dishes that, while respecting tradition, dare with a touch of innovation, giving us an unusual gastronomic experience.


Stefano prepared a healthy and tasty breakfast at B&B Stalut das Puestines, made of homemade pastries, local products and many stories about Piano d'Arta and Carnia. You should know that Carnic hospitality is something enveloping, here the bed and breakfasts collaborate with each other as in a big family, we can really feel the concept of widespread hospitality.

The first activity of the day took us to Sutrio, to the home of Chiara Selenati, a cook and foodblogger (That's Amore is the name of her blog). Here, amidst a sunlight illuminating the kitchen and a table with a luxurious view of the valley, we experienced an authentic lesson in natural cooking: crostini with ricotta from the Alto But dairy, smoked trout with lemon zest, zuf di coce (pumpkin-based soup), and a grapefruit carpaccio with basil and vanilla cream. Lunch is served!

We returned "back to base" to discover relaxation at Terme of Arta. First we melted away tension and stress with a relaxing massage, and then we were pampered with scrubs and aufguss rituals together with the very talented sauna masters. Being able to caress the scents of nature directly on your skin is a rejuvenating experience every time.

The day ended with dinner at Plan di Cuel, a farmhouse in the village of Rivalpo. Here Rosanna reserved a table for us in one of her bubbles, transparent domes overlooking the mountains. The rich menu faithfully reflects the healthy theme of the weekend and features dishes prepared with home-grown ingredients.


Sunday begins with an inspiring walk on the Tistigneit trail above Piano d'Arta. Marco Pirona, a mid-mountain guide and gong master, talks to us about history, the environment, and along the way he often takes breaks so we can listen to the "voice" of nature. Also participating in the hike is Eleonora Maggi, naturopath, who delves into the topic of essential oils that can be derived from herbs and plants.

A charge of energy awaited us before ending the weekend: the exciting gong bath, expertly led by Marco, who played not only the gong for us but also a number of other instruments, producing vibrations that involved each of us in a unique way. If sound makes water vibrate and bubble, then our bodies, made up of 70 percent water, cannot remain indifferent either.

Closing the weekend in the best way finally came the healthy buffet organized by Chiara from Hotel Gortani. Sweet, savory and above all healthy products, such as the natural juice extract, prepared live with seasonal fruits and vegetables, in accordance with the theme of wellness and health that characterized the whole weekend.

Time of Transformation

This weekend was more than just a vacation; it was an experience of inner transformation. The places, the prepared activities, the people, the emotions put us in a position to appreciate every detail, every scent, every taste, and to discover the true meaning of the phrase "beauty lies in simplicity and in small things."

We at Silent Alps are grateful to have guided these women through a transformative journey, to have seen their eyes fill with light and energy, knowing that they will be ready to tell the magic of a special weekend elsewhere.

We look forward to seeing you soon to share new experiences and transformations together.

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